16 months without Trial

In Linfin City, Shanxi Province, authorities mercilessly persecute Golden Lampstand Church. After an incident in 2009 that left their church demolished, law enforcement started a second round of oppression for the popular house church. Pastor Wang Xiaoguang, Minister Yang Rongli, and 10 other Christians were arrested for the false accusation of “fraud.” Without a trial in sight, these believers need prayer.

The church recently posted a prayer request letter, detailing their prayer needs during this time:

  1. May the Lord watch over the spiritual faith and physical health of the 12 brothers and sisters including Minister Yang Rongli and Pastor Wang Xiaoguang; particularly work in the heart of the 5 brothers and sisters who allow the government to assign them attorneys so that they are willing the to appoint attorneys by themselves in the trial and won’t accuse Minster Yang Rongli etc.;
  2. May the Lord have mercy on the families of the 12 brothers and sisters detained at the detention center so that they live by faith and fix their eyes on Jesus.
  3. Intercede for the prosecutor and judge who handle the case and personnel of public security organs, procuratorial organs, and people’s courts who can influence the case behind the scenes, especially the Judicial Committee of the People’s Court, may the Lord help authorities practice justice and not postpone the trial.
  4. Pray for the attorneys of the seven detained brothers and sisters. May the Lord grant attorneys confidence, courage, and wisdom.
  5. Pray for brothers and sisters who were forced to write fake stories as victims. May the Lord strengthen their faith, hope they will speak up soon, overcome their weakness, and be the witnesses of brothers and sisters who have suffered at the detention center.

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